ENTRETODOS is an entry-free film festival, dedicated to short films – up to 25 min – that deal with themes related to Human Rights and Citizenship. Our goal is to amplify the access to quality debates involving any topic embraced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Always stressing out the plurality of the issues imbued in the foundations of our society and individuality.

We are Entretodos, literally plural and interconnected.

From the combination and multiplicity of interdependent becomings, we produce socially aware content with a deep affection for the film medium. Cinema, by itself, is a powerful artistic and pedagogical tool, capable of sensitizing, mobilizing and driving minds of all ages towards empathy and understanding of and to the OTHER.

ENTRETODOS is precisely the empathic space necessary between the I and the OTHER so that – together or apart – we may think and shape a world rooted and driven by LIFE, discarding all the politics and genocide, any forms of violence perpetrated against lifeforms and nature, averting from necropolitics and inequalities.

The festival ENTRETODOS is held annually, in the month of September, with screenings in more than 60 venues, including cultural institutions, education centers and many penitentiaries of São Paulo’s prison system. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will migrate all our content to digital platforms and the festival itself will be held ONLINE, going fully virtual.

Follow our website, movie clubs and social medias to participate with us of ENTRETODOS 2020.