How can I be sure that my registration was completed successfully?
You will receive an email from the Festival after the registration has been registered correctly. This email is sufficient to guarantee your registration.
Will I send a digital file for the exhibition, in case my film is selected?
Yes. For registration, only the link to access the film (Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or by mail can be sent. If your short film is selected we will request a digital copy that can be in H264, MOV or MPEG4 format.
Can I register in person?
No. Registrations are made only through the Festival website (http://www.entretodos.com.br) and through the FESTHOME (https://festhome.com/) and FILMFREEWAY (https://filmfreeway.com/) platforms .
If I choose to send a DVD or BLURAY, where do I send the physical copy of my short film and the other documents to make my registration effective?
In this case, you must send the DVD or BLURAY of your film and the other documents provided for in the Regulation of the 13th edition of Entretodos to: Empresa de Cinema e Audiovisual de São Paulo \ Rua Libero Badaró, 293 - 22 andar - cj.22B\ Centro - São Paulo - SP - Brasil \ CEP: 01009-907
Until when can I send the DVD or BLURAY of my short film?
If you have chosen to send the DVD or BLURAY of the short film using the courier services, the deadline for posting is, exceptionally, until the closing day of the subscriptions.
I cannot register the short film online, how should I proceed?
In this case, we suggest that you clear your browser's cache or use another provider. If you are still unable to register, send an email, before the end of registration, to the address: contato@entretodos.com.br with the title ‘Error registration’ describing the error in the message body. As soon as we have the answer we will contact you
My film is 26 minutes or more. Can I register it?
No. The duration limit for each film is 25 minutes.
My short film is independent, there is no responsible producer, can I apply anyway?
Yes you can. There is no need to be linked to any producer.
How do I know if my film is about Human Rights?
You can consult the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by visiting: <https://nacoesunidas.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/DUDH.pdf>
Can short films made in years prior to the Festival be entered?
Yes, it is not necessary that the film was produced recently. Short films produced in years prior to the Festival will be accepted, as long as it is in accordance with the Regulation.
Regarding the award, and if I am a foreigner, how do I receive it?
You must find a Brazilian representative to receive an eventual award. This representative must have a valid CPF and also be able to issue an Invoice or other corresponding document that proves receipt of the prize in cash
My film is spoken in a language other than Portuguese, can I submit it?
Yes, you can register a film spoken in another language, as long as the film has subtitles in Portuguese or a list of dialogues in Portuguese and with a time code.
I don't have Portuguese subtitles, what should I do?
If it is impossible to provide subtitles in Portuguese, they must be sent in English.
When will I be notified if my film has been selected for Competitive, Children, Youth or Online Exhibitions?
After the selection of short films by the Festival Curator, in early October, the list of short films selected for the Competitive, Children's Shows will be published on the Festival website (https://www.entretodos.com.br/) and other social networks. , Youth and Online. From this, our team will contact you by e-mail requesting extra material (film in progress, photos, synopsis, audio description, subtitles if abroad, registration with Ancine, authorizations, etc.).
How will the Exhibition be carried out in partnership with the Festival do Minuto?
Films registered that are up to 1 minute in length will be able to participate in the Exhibition held in partnership with Festival do Minuto, following the limits of the Regulation, as well as being able to receive the award specified therein.
Is it mandatory to send the film in high definition?
No, but if your short film is selected, sending in high definition is requested only to guarantee the quality of the image on the screen of movie theaters.
Can I submit a film that is not registered with Ancine?
Yes you can. Ancine registration is not mandatory for registration purposes.
Does the film need to have an indicative age rating?
Yes, it is mandatory information that appears on the registration form. The film must comply with the indicative ranges (free, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 years old).
What will happen to the Festival in case of restrictions related to the persistence of the COVID -19 pandemic?
Some points can be changed and that are relevant to the exhibitors: the exhibition platforms of the shorts selected to participate in the show and the value of the cash prizes. Once public funds participate in the Festival's sponsorship, this can, up to the event, be requested for containment actions, changing the value of the prizes. If restrictions on social groupings remain, the viewing platforms should be changed, moving public displays to online platforms. Any changes related to this context will be published to all involved and participants of the Festival.

To date, the following deadlines are still valid:

- opening of registration for the Festival scheduled for April 13, 2020;

- registration closes on June 7, 2020 at 11:59 pm;

- holding of the Festival Competitive Exhibition from September 14 to 20, 2020.

Any contingency that implies an amendment to the Regulations and the Festival will be notified to participants and exhibitors of selected short films will be consulted.

Organização do Festival ENTRETODOS