rules and regulations

ENTRETODOS - Human Rights Short Film Festival opens registration for the 13th edition, to be held between 14 and 20 September 2020.

The proposal is to promote the culture of Human Rights based on the audiovisual language, seeking to give visibility to productions of national and international short films that are capable of sensitizing and provoking debates around social, racial, citizenship and identity issues in a playful, poetic and participatory.

Registrations, carried out in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, go from April 13 to June 7, 2020 at 11:59 pm, with free time extension. Entries made directly by the ENTRETODOS Festival website are free to the directors.

Through the FESTHOME and FILMFREEWAY platforms there may be a registration fee subject to their conditions.


Films of up to 25 minutes in length, Brazilian and foreign, can be registered in any format, in the genres fiction, documentary, animation and experimental, made on any date and related to the themes of Human Rights and Citizenship, preferably in high definition.

It is a condition of registration and participation, being eliminated and declassified in pre-selection, films that do not comply with this Regulation, as well as the following requirements:

  • The registration of short films must be done exclusively by a person over 18 (eighteen) years old;
  • Registration is forbidden by anyone engaged in the production or organization of the Festival;
  • Films must have their first registration at this Festival, and short films that have already participated or won prizes in previous editions cannot compete;
  • If the film is selected, due to accessibility, a copy of the screening of the films must be sent, accompanied by subtitles in Portuguese with the extension .srt or timecode.

The director, producer and / or director is responsible for possible damages caused to the Festival or to third parties, as well as the rights to use the image and copyright linked to the short film entered, as well as the copyright of the soundtrack. Without prejudice to applicable losses and damages, if there is an infringement of third party property rights in relation to the short film, ENTRETODOS may, at its sole discretion, declassify the film, its director, producer / or director.

The sender of each short film will be responsible for any expenses related to the sending of registration and exhibition material. The Festival organization is not responsible for losses, losses, damages, taxes or any other penalties and expenses resulting from non-compliance with these Regulations and applicable legislation.

The material sent by mail must contain proof of Sedex or Registered Mail and addressed to:

Spcine - Empresa de Cinema e Audiovisual de São Paulo S.A.
Rua Libero Badaró, 293 - 22º andar - cj.22B Centro - São Paulo - SP - Brasil CEP: 01009-907

The deadline for posting is the closing date for registration, and registration will only be effective after receipt of all items established in these Regulations.


The short films registered will become part of the permanent collection of videos and the digital collection of the ENTRETODOS Festival, becoming available for events to publicize the Festival, thematic film clubs, training of public servants, training of educators, making available online on the Festival website by streaming, SpcinePlay, television and digital programs linked to the Festival, traveling exhibitions ENTRETODOS, consultation in public and private libraries, consultation by curators of other festivals, exhibitions for cultural, educational purposes, public debates, free exhibitions, training workshops, always free of charge and for non-commercial purposes and in activities related to the Festival. The exhibition can take place in whole or in part, edited, for the composition of vignette, promotional actions, among others, as well as other types of exhibition that can occur within activities as long as related to “ENTRETODOS”, and must be communicated to the director, producer and / or director responsible for registration.

The Festival's partnership with Spcine presupposes that the registered films and those responsible for them: (I) agree to participate in a podcast recording about the event for dissemination on the social networks of the São Paulo City Hall - Spcine; (II) participate in pill recordings promoting and inviting the public to Spcine programming at the Festival; and (III) participate in SpcinePlay's on demand platform for a maximum period of 90 (ninety) days.

Directors, producers and / or directors who wish their films not to be part of the Festival's collection must inform the Curatorship, within up to 05 (five) days after the closing of the Festival's registrations, by e-mail to the Organization: In case of silence, the agreement to integrate the collection will be understood according to the conditions above.


Only those who fulfill all the requirements of this Regulation will be entitled to the award, as well as deliver the documents and information requested by the ENTRETODOS organization within the deadlines, in addition to there being no legal and / or tax impediments under their responsibility.

The Festival has the following exhibitions that will be formed according to the curatorship:

  • CHILDREN'S SHOWCASE: The Children's Exhibition has children as its target audience and the indicative classification is free for all ages. The specific Jury of this Exhibition (to be announced) will choose a short winner of this Exhibition, receiving this prize in the amount of R $ 2,000.00 (Two thousand Reais) - in addition to a trophy and certificate.
  • YOUTH SHOWCASE: The Youth´s Exhibition is aimed at teenagers and pre-teenagers and the indicative classification from 14 (fourteen) years old. The specific Jury of this Exhibition (to be announced) will choose a short winner of this Exhibition, receiving this prize in the amount of R $ 2,000.00 (Two thousand Reais) - in addition to a trophy and certificate.
  • COMPETITIVE SHOWCASE: The Competitive Exhibition has 5 (five) categories and the indicative classification is varied, but always indicated for each film and block. There are two types of awards for the Competitive Exhibition, and all short films registered and selected for this competition compete in two modalities: (I) 5 (five) short films, chosen by the Official Jury (to be released) in each one of the 5 (five) thematic blocks, to be defined after receipt of all registrations, each receiving a prize in the amount of R $ 6,000.00 (six thousand reais); and (II) 1 (one) short film chosen from all the blocks by the Popular Jury through voting at the Festival's exhibitions that will receive the prize in the amount of R $ 6,000.00 (Six thousand Reais). The films can be awarded by both Jurisdiction - Official and Popular - simultaneously and will receive, in addition to the values, trophies and corresponding certificates.
  • MINUTO ENTRETODOS SHOWCASE: Minuto Entretodos is a partnership between Festival do Minuto ( and Festival Entretodos, with a joint curatorship. The Exhibition will consist of short films that are up to 1 (one) minute in length and will have on-line exhibitions on platforms (from both Festivals) and / or in person (in exhibition areas of ENTRETODOS). The specific Jury of this Exhibition (to be announced) will choose a short winner who will receive the prize in the amount of R $ 2,000.00 (Two thousand Reais) - in addition to a trophy and certificate. The selected short films will also become part of the collection of the Festival do Minuto, obeying the rules of its Regulation, which will be previously presented to its director (s).
  • ONLINE ENTRETODOS SHOWCASE: Short films entered in this edition may be selected for this Exhibition and will be accessible during the same period on the website or by streaming. The directors, producers and / or responsible directors will be invited in advance and will give or not their authorization. Based on the online voting, 1 (one) winner short film is chosen by the Popular Jury - a trophy and certificate are awarded, without any monetary value.

Other types of showcases or awards may be added to these and communicated to subscribers for their knowledge and agreement.

Due to the atypical situations faced from the occurrences of COVID-19, the value of the prizes, the dates, as well as the required counterparts and the form of exhibition may undergo unilateral changes resulting from government actions, as well as from partner institutions - supporters and sponsors - and which, if any, will be previously published.

The value of the prizes will be deducted from taxes, according to the Brazilian legislation in force and will be paid upon presentation of an invoice from a company linked to the filmmakers or another legally equivalent document held by the filmmakers.

If the audiovisual production is the responsibility of a group of people, the prize will be unique, and it will be up to this same group to decide on its ownership or the division of the prize.

If foreign registrants do not reside or are not present at the time of the award, they must appoint a representative residing in Brazil, by means of a proxy, and if written in a foreign language, it must be accompanied by a translation so that it can receive the eventual prize in its place.

Organização do Festival ENTRETODOS